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Possible Canine Health Problems by Breed

We have compiled a list of know medical problems for most breads of dog. This doesn’t necessarily mean your dog will have any of these problems. In addition this does not represent the most complete or up to date list possible. As certain breeds gain popularity, new problems appear because of careless breeding practices.

The American Kennel Club has a listing of National Breed Clubs that lists some of the health problems being encountered with each breed. The site contains some of the most up-to-date and detailed information regarding the health of a breed, The AKC also has a web site Canine Health Foundation that lists breed research plus the top diseases.

These are good resources for prospective pet owners who are looking for a specific breed to help understand possible health problems and they may want to obtain a written health guarantee and only buy pets with both parents OFA certified (for breeds susceptible to Hip Dysplasia) and CERF certified (for breeds susceptible to hereditary eye conditions).

Even if a breed is not prone to health problems, it does not mean that a particular dog may not have that problem.


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Affenpinscher Slipped Stifle, fractures, eye ulcers,respiratory difficulties
Afghan Hound Hip Dysplasia, cataracts, paralysis
Airedale Terrier Hip Dysplasia
Akita Hip Dysplasia, bad knees, popping hocks, thyroid problems, PRA
Alaskan Malamute Hip Dysplasia, skin disorders, throid problems, dwarfism in the legs
American Cocker Spaniel PRA, cataracts, glaucoma, eye abnormalities, skin conditions, hemophyilia, ear infections, heart disease, epilepsy.
American Eskimo Dog Hip Dysplasia, PRA. For more info, here’s a breed description from the American Eskimo Dog Web Site.
American Hairless Terrier sunburn, sunstroke
American Staffordshire Terrier Hip Dysplasia, tumors
American Water Spaniel skin conditions
Australian Cattle Dog Hip Dysplasia, PRA, and congenital deafness
Australian Shepherd Hip Dysplasia, PRA, cataracts, deafness in merles, sunburn in reds and red merles, epilepsy and autoimmune disease. For additional information, visit the Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute
Australian Terrier Hair loss, allergies, patellar luxation. For additional information, visit The Australian Terrier Club of America’s Web Site
Azawakh hypothyroidism, seizures, spondylosis, autoimmune disorders


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Brussels Griffon Slipped Stifle, eye lacerations, respiratory difficulty, heatstroke
Brittany glaucoma, spinal paralysis
Basenji kidney disorder, eye problems, hernias, digestive problems
Basset Hound ear infections,glaucoma, bloat, spinal disc problems, eyelid problems
Beagle hypothyroidism, Demodectic Mange, umbilical Hernia, epilepsy, eye and eyelid problems, cryptorchidism, dwarfism, hip dysplasia, intervertebral disk disease, luxating patella. For more information visit the National Beagle Club of America’s Web Site
Black and Tan Coonhound Hip Dysplasia
Bloodhound eyelid problems, Hip Dysplasia, bloat
Borzoi bloat
Bernese Mountain Dog eyelid problems, Hip Dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, bloat, cancer,
Boxer corneal ulcers, bloat, tumors, digestive problems heart disease
Bullmastiff Hip Dysplasia, eyelid problems, bloat, tumors,
Bearded Collie Hip Dysplasia
Belgian Malinois Hip Dysplasia
Belgian Sheep Dog Hip Dysplasia, epilepsy, eye problems
Belgian Tervuren Hip Dysplasia, epilepsy, eye problems
Bouvier des Flandres Hip Dysplasia, bloat, elbow dysplasia, heart conditions, thyroid problems, eye problems (cataracts, entropion, glaucoma). For more information, visit the Bouvier Information Health Issues page.
Briard PRA, Hip Dysplasia, and bloat
Bedlington Terrier kidney disease, thyroid deficiency, PRA, cataracts, retinal dysplasia, liver disease
Border Terrier congenital heart problems
Bull Terrier patella problems, skin problems, deafness
Border Collie epilepsy, congenital deafness, Hip Dysplasia, PRA, CEA
Bolognese In general, the Bolognese is a healthy breed. However, before buying be sure to check for luxating patella and eye abnormalities.
Bichon Frise corneal/retinal disorders, skin conditions, ear infections, cataracts
Boston Terrier respiratory difficulties, heatstroke, eye infections/lacerations, eyelid abnormalities, cataracts
Bulldog congenital heart disease, heart attack, collapsed nostrils, heatstroke, respiratory difficulties, eyelid abnormalities,skin conditions


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Cardigan Welsh Corgi hip dysplasia, PRA, and various eye problems
Cesky Terrier In general, they are a healthy breed. However, females have tendency toward ovarian cysts and infertility and they can be susceptible to back problems caused by their long back and excessive high-jumping.
Chinook Hip Dysplasia
Collie PRA, CEA, skin conditions, congenital deafness,crusty nose
Clumber Spaniel Hip Dysplasia, entropion
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Hip Dysplasia, PRA, cataracts, eczema
Curly Coated Retriever Hip Dysplasia, PRA
Cairn Terrier skin allergies
Chow Chow Hip Dysplasia, skin conditions, eyelid abnormalities
Chihuahua Slipped Stifle, fractures, jawbone disorders, rheumatism,eye problems, heart disease, tooth and gum weaknesses
Canaan Dog Not prone to health problems
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel heart disease, Slipped Stifle, Hip Dysplasia,eye problems
Chinese Shar-pei Hip Dysplasia, eyelid abnormalities, and skin conditions


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Dandie Dinmont Terrier spinal disc problems
Dachshund skin conditions, heart disease, spinal disc problems, diabetes, urinary stones, eye disorders
Doberman Pinscher Hip Dysplasia, VWD, bloat, heart disease, thyroid, liver, and immune-deficiencydisorders
Dalmatian Hip Dysplasia, inherited deafness, skin conditions,and urinary stones


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
English Cocker Spaniel PRA, eye abnormalities, ear infections
English Setter Hip Dysplasia
English Springer Spaniel Hip Dysplasia, PRA, eye abnormalities, ear infections, skin conditions
English Toy Spaniel Slipped Stifle, eye lacerations, eyeballprolapse (eye pops out of socket), ear infections, respiratory difficulty, heatstroke
English Shepherd Hip Dysplasia


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Foxhound Not prone to health problems.
Finnish Spitz Hip Dysplasia, and PRA
French Bulldog eye lacerations, respiratory difficulties, andheatstroke
Flat-Coated Retriever Hip Dysplasia, PRA, Melanoma of the gums, various health problems including adenocarcinoma, fibrosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, lymphoma, osteosarcoma
Note: We love Flat-Coats and want to be sure they are matched with an appropriate home. If you are considering a Flat-Coated Retriever, take a minute to check out this Breeder’s Checklist to see if a Flat-Coat is the right dog for you.
Field Spaniel Hip Dysplasia, retinal/eye abnormalities, ear infections


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
German Shorthaired Pointer Hip Dysplasia, cataracts, SAS
German Wirehaired Pointer Hip Dysplasia
Glen of Imaal Terrier Not prone to health problems
Golden Retriever Hip Dysplasia, PRA, VWD,serious heart problems, cataracts, skin conditions, eye abnormalities,epilepsy.
Gordon Setter Hip Dysplasia
Greyhound bloat
Giant Schnauzer Hip Dysplasia
Great Dane Hip Dysplasia, bloat, bone cancer, heart disease, tumors
Great Pyrenees Hip Dysplasia, bloat, eyelid problems
German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia, bloat, gastric disorders, penosteitis,spinal paralysis, eye disease, and skin conditions
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Hip Dysplasia, bloat


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Hairless Chinese Crested sensitive to weather extremes (may burn in hot sun).tooth decay (needs dry food to help prevent)
Harrier Not prone to health problems.
Havanese Not prone to health problems


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Ibizan Hound drug/chemical sensitivity
Irish Setter Hip Dysplasia, PRA, bloat,congenital heart disease, skin conditions, epilepsy.
Irish Terrier Not prone to health problems.
Irish Water Spaniel Hip Dysplasia, hypothyroidism
Irish Wolfhound Hip Dysplasia, bloat, bone tumors
Italian Greyhound Slipped Stifle, fractures, PRA, and epilepsy


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Jack Russell Terrier lens luxation, glaucoma, PRA, epilepsy, cryptorchidism, congenital dwarfism in the legs.
Japanese Chin eye lacerations, respiratory difficulties, andheatstroke


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Keeshond Hip Dysplasia, skin conditions, and congenitalheart disease
Kerry Blue Terrier eye problems, cysts, tumors
Komondor Hip Dysplasia, bloat, skin allergies
Kyi-Leo Slipped Stifle, flea allergies
Kuvasz Hip Dysplasia, bloat, skin problems, and allergies


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Labrador Retriever Hip Dysplasia, PRA, cataracts, eye abnormalities, and bloat.
Lakeland Terrier Not prone to health problems.
Leonberger Hip Dysplasia, bone disease, and eyelidabnormalities
Lhasa Apso kidney problems, skin conditions, and eye lacerations
Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog inherited deafness in some catahoulas whichare mostly white
Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) Not prone to health problems


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Maltese Slipped Stifle, eye infections, hypoglycemia, teeth, and gum weaknesses
Mastiff Hip Dysplasia, eyelid problems
Miniature Bull Terrier deafness, eye disease
Miniature Pinscher Demodectic Mange, Epilepsy, Patellar Luxation, Legg’s Perthes Disease. For more information, click here.
Miniature Poodle PRA, cataracts, glaucoma, eye and ear infections, digestive problems, skin conditions,heart disease, and epilepsy
Miniature Schnauzer cataracts, corneal disorders, kidney stones, bleedingdisorders, liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, skinconditions, cysts


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Newfoundland Hip Dysplasia, eyelid problems, heart disease
Norfolk Terrier Not prone to health problems.
Norwegian Buhund Hip Dysplasia, PRA
Norwegian Elkhound Hip Dysplasia, eye problems, cysts, kidney disease
Norwegian Lundehund (Puffin Dog) severe intestinal problems
Norwich Terrier Not prone to health problems.
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Hip Dysplasia, PRA


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Old English Sheepdog Hip Dysplasia, cataracts, auto-immune disorders,and skin conditions
Otterhound Hip Dysplasia, bloat, hemophilia


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Papillon Slipped Stifle, fractures
Pekingese eye lacerations/infections, eyeball prolapse, eyelidabnormalities, respiratory difficulties, heatstroke,collapsed nostrils, cleft palate, jawbone disorders,spinal disc problems, urinary stones
Pembroke Welsh Corgi hip dysplasia, VWD, and various eye problems
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen ear infections, seizures
Pharaoh Hound drug/chemical sensitivity
Pointer Hip Dysplasia, dwarfism, thyroid problems, skin conditions
Polish Owczarek Nizinny Sheepdog Not prone to health problems
Pomeranian Slipped Stifle, eye infections,collapsed windpipe, heart disease, skin conditions,tooth and gum disorders
Portuguese Water Dog Hip Dysplasia, PRA, fatal neurological disorder
Powderpuff Chinese Crested Not prone to health problems.
Pug eye lacerations, eyeball prolapse, eyelid abnormalities,respiratory difficulties, heatstroke, collapsed nostrils,and heart problems
Puli Hip Dysplasia, and possibly ear infections


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Rhodesian Ridgeback Hip Dysplasia, cysts
Rottweiler Sub-Aortic Stenosis, Hip Dysplasia, Hypothroidism, Osteosarcoma, Juvenile Cataracts, Elbow Dysplasia. For additional information, please visit the health section of the American Rottweiler Club’s web site.


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Saint Bernard Hip Dysplasia, bloat, tumors, skin conditions, heartdisease, eyelid problems
Saluki drug/chemical sensitivity, emotionally sensitive
Samoyed Hip Dysplasia, PRA, glaucoma,retinal detachment, skin conditions
Schipperke Mucopolysaccharidosis type IIIB (MPS IIIB)
Scottish Deerhound bloat
Scottish Terrier VWD, leg cramps, skin problems,flea allergies, jawbone disorders
Sealyham Terrier skin conditions, back problems, glaucoma, deafness
Shetland Sheepdog PRA, CEA, heart disease, epilepsy, and deafness in blue merles
Shiba Hip Dysplasia, PRA
Shih Tzu Slipped Stifle, eye lacerations, respiratorydifficulties, heatstroke, eyelid abnormalities, gum andtooth problems, ear infections
Siberian Husky Hip Dysplasia, PRA,cataracts, corneal disorders, thyroid deficiency,zinc-deficiency skin problems
Silky Terrier Not prone to health problems
Skye Terrier Not prone to health problems
Smooth Fox Terrier deafness, glaucoma, cataracts, skin conditions,heart disease
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Hip Dysplasia, PRA,flea allergies, PLE, PLN
Staffordshire Bull Terrier cataracts, tumors
Standard Manchester Terrier glaucoma, bleeding disorders
Standard Poodle Addison’s Disease, Hip Dysplasia, PRA, VWD, bloat, cataracts, severe skin disease. For more information, please visit
Standard Schnauzer Hip Dysplasia, cysts
Sussex Spaniel ear infections
Swedish Vallhund Not prone to health problems


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Tibetan Spaniel Not prone to health problems
Tibetan Terrier Hip Dysplasia, and PRA
Toy Fox Terrier eye problems, skin conditions, cold sensitivity
Toy Manchester Terrier Slipped Stifle, skin conditions, tooth and gum problems, bleeding disorders, chills
Toy Poodle PRA, cataracts, glaucoma, eyeand ear infections, digestive problems, skin conditions,diabetes, and heart disease


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Vizsla Hip Dysplasia


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Weimaraner Hip Dysplasia, bloat, bleeding disorders, allergies, cysts, tumors
Welsh Corgi See Pembroke Welsh Corgi or Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Welsh Springer Spaniel PRA, ear infections, epilepsy
Welsh Terrier skin conditions, eye problems
West Highland White Terrier skin conditions, jawbone calcification (CMO),liver disease (copper toxicosis), Legg-Perthes (amuscoskeletal disease), hernias
Whippet drug/chemical sensitivity, emotionally sensitive
Wire Fox Terrier deafness, glaucoma, cataracts, skin conditions, heartdisease
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Hip Dysplasia


Breed Name
Possible Health Problems
Yorkshire Terrier Slipped Stifle, eye infections, gum and teeth weaknesses