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Pet Insurance Companies


5245 Shilshole Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98107

Phone: (800) 569-7913


Is based on age of dog, breed and location. You also have the option of chosing different deductible amounts that will change the premium cost.


A new convered feature is converage for therapeutic pet foods coverage for 1/2 the cost of the food discount on your premium after 2 months of converage Their comprehensive plan covers 90% of veterinary costs for:
  • diagnostic test
  • surgeries
  • medications
  • hospital stays
  • hereditary and congenital conditions as long as they are not pre-existing
  • other treatments that arise from your dog getting sick

Not Covered:

  • exam fees
  • wellness care/preventative care, flea treatments, dental cleanings, vaccinations
  • pre-exsising conditions

Best Time to Purchase Insurance:

Trupanion suggests purchasing insurance for your dog while it is a puppy between 8 weeks and one year. This will guarantee that you pay the lowest rate and the rate will never increase, irregardless of how many claims you have. The will insure dogs as long as they are under 14 years of age.


Trupanion’s plan is simple and affordable. Rates are based on the items listed in the Premium section which make it easy to understand and chose the right plan for you and your pet(s). They have been offering dog insurance for over a decade and reimbursing 90% of covered costs with no hidden fees is a great benefit.

Trupanion makes it easy to submit claims. Policy holders simply send their invoice to Trupanion to receive a check in the mail, and most claims are handled within a few weeks. Additionally, any veterinary care provider in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico qualifies for policy coverage.

Despite a few minor caveats such as no coverage for routine care and a minor waiting period, Trupanion offers extensive and affordable coverage for dogs. Compared to other companies with yearly payout limits, Trupanion provides dog insurance that will truly come through in any unexpected pet illness or injury.

* For a complete description of all coverage terms, conditions, and limitations, please refer to their website.