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Pet Insurance Companies

Purina Care

607 E Sonterra Blvd.Suite 250

San Antonio, TX 78258

Phone: (877) 878-7462


Purina Care offers 3 plans. From Accidents only to their PurinaCare Plus with Preventive Care.


1. PurinaCare® plus Preventive Care
Their primary plan, PurinaCare® plus Preventive Care, covers eligible accidents and illnesses for your pet, as well as routine expenses like annual exams, eligible vaccinations, flea and heartworm control, and dental scaling/polishing. It’s an easy way to provide your pet with routine care and help give yourself peace of mind.

2. PurinaCare® without Preventive Care
PurinaCare® without Preventive Care plan is right if you simply want to insure your dog or cat against the unexpected. It covers treatment of eligible accidents and illness, including those arising from hereditary conditions, and helps you provide high-quality care if unexpected issues arise.

3. PurinaCare® Accident Only
PurinaCare® Accident Only plan is for those who simply want to insure their dog or cat against an unexpected accident. It does not cover any kind of illness, including those arising from hereditary conditions. It simply helps you provide high-quality care if an accident occurs.

Not Covered:

  • pre-exsisting conditions
  • breeding, fertility, and pregnancy
  • pet food
  • cosmetic and elective Procedures
  • nutritional supplements
  • grooming, bathing for any reason, and dipping

When is your dog eligible:

Dogs are eligible when they are 8 weeks old. If you don’t know your dog’s age then your vertrinarian should be able to estimate the age during and exam.


As a relatively new dog insurance company, launched in 2008, PurinaCare is a subsidiary of the Purina PetCare company that is a well-know pet care brand so they have roots in the pet care industry for years. Their 3 plans make it an easy process to purchase insurance from them and you can enroll online or over the phone. I really like the preventative care feature as you will be more inclined to get routine vet visits instead of waiting until a major problem occurs.

* For a complete description of all coverage terms, conditions, and limitations, please refer to their website.