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Pet Insurance Companies

Embrace Dog Insurance

23625 Commerce Park, Suite 150

Beachwoood, OH 44122

Phone: 800-511-9172

Most Helpful Reviews of Embrace

This is my first go round with pet insurance, and I got into it a little late in the game (after my dog was already having some health issues). Embrace was the ONLY pet insurance company I could find that would even consider covering a pre-existing condition if it was considered curable. I find that when I submit claims, they are processed within about 2 weeks, and I find that instead of finding reasons not to cover my claims, they try to find ways to maximize my claims! I’ll give a quick, great example: They give a 5% discount on premiums if your pet is microchipped. So, after I got the coverage, I had my dog microchipped. Not only was the claim for the procedure covered under my wellness rewards in the policy, but when I submitted the claim, I was automatically refunded the 5% of my premium for having the dog microchipped! I didn’t have to ask for it! The customer service is excellent – they are thorough, quick and kind in their email correspondence, and very responsive and proactive in helping me get the most out of my benefits. I would recommed Embrace to anyone who wants comprehensive health coverage for their pets. I did a LOT of research before I bought, and Embrace seems to be the best out there!

  • More coverage than anyone else out there!
  • Good reimbursements
  • Great customer service
  • Superbly pleased