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What Dog is Right For You?

When you have decided to bring a dog into your life, there are many things that you need to consider. The dog that you choose should be a good match for you in terms of size, temperament and exercise needs, and there are many factors to consider.

First, decide whether you want a purebred dog or a mix. A purebred dog comes with a known pedigree, and a distinct size and shape. You will know what kind of health problems it is apt to have and you’ll have an idea on the breed’s temperament. On the other hand, a mixed-breed dog is often free to adopt and just as friendly. Moreover, while a mixed-breed dog may be healthier than some purebreds, they may also have significant problems from both parents.

You should also think about how much energy you can put into the dog. Some breeds need a lot of exercise, while other breeds have to be encouraged to take even a short walk around the block. If you are someone who loves to get out and run, an Australian cattle dog or a similar herding breed might be for you. On the other hand, if you are a bit of a couch potato, you may do well with one of the guarding breeds. Smaller dogs tend to need less exercise than larger dogs; lap dogs like chihuahuas and shi tzus are fairly sedentary.

When you go to pick a dog, make sure that you spend some time with the dog or puppy that you have your eye on. Personality counts for a lot. If you are a new dog owner, a puppy may be a good idea as you can train it up to match your household and your needs. Look for a dog that is friendly to you and which responds well to your touch and your voice. If you are adopting an older dog, be patient and see if the dog will come to you. Some dogs need more time.

Choose a dog that is going fit into your living space. There are some smaller dogs that do very well in an apartment, while other, more energetic dogs need a backyard to play in to be completely happy. The better the dog fits into your space, the happier it will be.

Take some time and consider what kind of dog is best going to fit into your life!